Final post for this module

The assessment results are out today and I’m astonished and delighted to find my work here somehow merited 75%. Many many thanks to my tutor who beamed endless encouragement and prompted thoughtfully throughout. As with all the previous modules, this blog will stay open until the final module of this level (2/HE5) is marked and hopefully passed, at which point I will merge it with Strayfish Arts along with the three Level 1/HE4 units. There will be no more posts here so if you’re following this blog, and I see people slowly arriving over the months, you might like to … Continue reading Final post for this module

Moving on

This unit is not due to be assessed until March 2022 but as time doesn’t stand still, I’ll be starting the next and final Level 2 (HE5) module in a day or so. Update: it’s August 2022 and how could I forget to update this post when I got seventy five percent for this module. That’s first, and also a First. Wow. Meanwhile, I’ve been cracking on with Exploring Media and submitting that for assessment during September with results due in December. Merry Christmas! You can find it here: Exploring Media. Continue reading Moving on

Extra curricular noses

Call me weird but I’m determined not to graduate this course without making a decent painting that includes a nose. So today, having almost finished up with Studio Practice, I took the plunge and, to really give myself a get-out clause, I chose a photo of an exquisite black woman after coming up blank looking for Nish Kumar, and decided to use oils for the first time ever. Someone gave me some when I began this course, smelly solvent and all, so armed with a couple of YouTube videos, and an acute awareness of the prolonged drying time of this … Continue reading Extra curricular noses

Post tutorial reworking

The previous version was busy and a little too ‘pink’. It was also under wraps due to having been allocated to a poem in a forthcoming collection due out at Christmas. This revised version is much more stark and would probably not suit the publication in the same way so I can post it without prejudice. As before, these are designed as a pair and this time I have reduced the colour by first, counterintuitively adding a layer of bright yellow to each then over painting one with T. white and the other with Payne’s grey and folding the first … Continue reading Post tutorial reworking